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Stop Paying High Energy Bills!

Residential solar energy is cheaper than you think! At Connected Solar, we can inform you about tax credits, 0% down financing options and solid warranties that are available.


Understanding how solar energy works is important. Solar systems have no moving parts, so you'll get a long and hassle-free life from your solar panel system. There are also great government rebates and incentives to make switching to solar a cinch.


Installation is fast, simple and affordable. In just a few short weeks, you'll be able to start saving money on energy costs! For a FREE quote, call (281) 305-0164 . We are one of the solar power companies Houston, TX locals trust!

Benefits of a Solar Energy System

  • Tax credits

  • 0 money down

  • Power production guarantee

  • Built to last

  • Full system ownership

  • Savings from day one

  • Home value increase

  • Online monitoring

Three Simple Steps We Use

  • Step 1 - We'll determine if your home is right for solar. You'll get an accurate quote and drawing of the new solar design. You'll lock in lower energy costs for the next 25 years.


  • Step 2 - From permits and inspections to electrical work and grid connecting, we'll get you up and running once we connect your system.

  • Step 3 - The sun will now be powering your home. You'll be able to monitor your solar production with your mobile device. Your home's energy will be powered by the sun!

Battery Backup

Connected Solar offers battery backup options to store excess power while protecting against power outages. Our battery backups harvest energy from your solar PV system or grid when it's cheap and used energy from your backup when it's more expensive.


Our top-of-the-line batteries keep your home powered when the grid is knocked out by outages, blackouts and natural disasters.

Online Montoring

We use Enphase MyEnglighten so you can track your energy production 24/7, monitor system health and share data with friends or other members of your family. It's a simple, mobile-friendly interface. You can download it at the App Store or Google Play Store.

Types of Solar Financing

Solar Purchase and Ownership

The easiest to get solar power is to pay for the installation yourself. In the long run, you’ll get the highest value for cost savings. Purchasing your solar panels also gives you immediate benefits from solar tax credits, rebates and lower utility bills. There are fewer third-party financial conditions and it makes the timespan to experience the return on your investment even shorter. Financial benefits when you pay full cash upfront include:

  • Higher long-term savings

  • Monthly energy bill savings from the first month, with no monthly payment to offset the savings

  • Your solar purchase is tax deductible or exempt from property or sales tax in some states

Solar Loans

A loan that’s used towards the purchase of solar power system for your home. Solar loan financing lets you to avoid steep payments upfront and provides immediate ownership of your system. Just like a regular loan, it is paid off in monthly payments with an applied interest rate. Since you are considered the owner of the system, you are entitled to the benefits including tax credits and rebates. Savings will be higher because solar loans are paid down after a certain number of years, giving you greater savings with your solar system each month afterwards. Solar panels also increase your home’s property value. A solar system can help your home sell quicker according to studies. Since you’ll receive a higher amount for your home, you could recover the amount of the loan. Benefits of a solar loan include:

  • Low upfront cost depending on type of loan

  • Significant long-term savings

  • Monthly utility bill savings

  • Loan payment gets paid down and eventually goes away


Solar Leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

When you lease your solar panels, you get a solar lease (PPA) where you make monthly payments. You will never own your solar system. Compared to other solar financing options, a solar lease does come with negatives. You cannot receive the deductions that come from the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC). You have to own your system to receive a state or federal tax credit. Benefits of solar leasing include:

  • Lower upfront cost than purchasing with cash

  • Maintenance for solar system is the responsibility of the leasing company


Production Guarantee

Production Power Guarantee


A power production guarantee is similar to a product warranty. This assures you that the solar panels you buy will operate without issues. Connected Solar wants you to purchase solar with confidence and be assured that you are getting the best value for your dollar. We have created our Price Protection Guarantee program. Here is how it works:

  • If another solar company offers equal products and benefits for less than Connected Solar’s price, we’ll refund the difference and throw some additional cash your way!* 


*A Connected Solar Sales Specialist is the best person to reach out to for full offer details and restrictions for both our Power Production Guarantee and Price Protection Guarantee. 

If you’re wondering the best way to buy solar panels, you need to find out how many panels you’ll need. The number of solar panels you will need depends on different factors that are unique to your home. Some factors include:

  • Your home’s electricity usage

  • The size of your roof

  • The amount of sunlight exposure your home gets

  • The types of solar panels you purchase (how efficient they are)

  • Solar energy storage options

How to Buy Solar Panels

Leasing vs. Buying

There are three ways to purchase solar panels: cash, solar loans and solar leasing (PPA). The best way to switch to clean renewable energy depends on needs and financial goals. Below  is a quick overview of leasing vs. buying solar panels.


Financial benefits of buying a home solar energy system with full cash upfront:

  • Higher long-term savings

  • Monthly energy bill savings from the first month with no monthly payment to offset the savings.

Benefits of financing your solar panels with a loan include:

  • Low upfront cost depending on type of loan 

  • Significant long-term savings

  • Monthly utility bill savings offset by a monthly loan payment.

  • Loan payment gets paid down and eventually disappears

Benefits of solar leasing or solar purchase agreements (PPA) include:

  • Lower upfront cost than purchasing with cash

  • Maintenance for solar system is the responsibility of the leasing company

  • Monthly electricity bill savings but a higher monthly payment for lease that will offset savings

Just like a new car, your solar system is smart and online solar monitoring gives you a dashboard at your fingertips. It lets you to get energy information from your home as you watch your savings increase. It will also make your life easier and save you money. At the click of a button, you can track your home’s energy production, monitor the system’s health and share their data in real-time. Your 24/7 online solar monitoring system keeps you in the know. You can download the Enphase Enlighten App on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Lifetime 24/7 Solar Monitoring With Enphase Enlighten

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