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How Solar Energy Works


Avoid the rising cost of energy in the Houston, TX area with residential and commercial solar panel installation solutions from Connected Solar. We can help you turn energy into assets when you work with our locally owned-and licensed business. Let us help you to save money and get tax incentives with our solar energy solutions. Appointments are required. For a FREE quote, call (281) 305-0164 or use our online form.

What is the Cost of Solar Panels for My Home?

The price of solar panels varies depending on how many solar panels you need for home energy consumption. Cost can also vary depending on the brand you choose. When purchasing any type of equipment, high-end brands can be pricier but will last longer, produce better output and come with longer warranties. These are important factors considering the price of initial installation and that panels should last you over 20 years.

If you’re wondering the best way to buy solar panels, you need to find out how many panels you’ll need. The number of solar panels you will need depends on different factors that are unique to your home. Some factors include:

  • Your home’s electricity usage

  • The size of your roof

  • The amount of sunlight exposure your home gets

  • The types of solar panels you purchase (how efficient they are)

  • Solar energy storage options

How to Buy Solar Panels

Leasing vs. Buying

There are three ways to purchase solar panels: cash, solar loans and solar leasing (PPA). The best way to switch to clean renewable energy depends on needs and financial goals. Below  is a quick overview of leasing vs. buying solar panels.


Financial benefits of buying a home solar energy system with full cash upfront:

  • Higher long-term savings

  • Monthly energy bill savings from the first month with no monthly payment to offset the savings.

Benefits of financing your solar panels with a loan include:

  • Low upfront cost depending on type of loan 

  • Significant long-term savings

  • Monthly utility bill savings offset by a monthly loan payment.

  • Loan payment gets paid down and eventually disappears

Benefits of solar leasing or solar purchase agreements (PPA) include:

  • Lower upfront cost than purchasing with cash

  • Maintenance for solar system is the responsibility of the leasing company

  • Monthly electricity bill savings but a higher monthly payment for lease that will offset savings

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